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Career Options

  • Earning a law degree can lead to any number of career paths. From the traditional law firm job to working for a non-profit, a law degree has the potential to help you succeed in any career path you decide to follow.  To learn more about your options, check out these various pages.

    • Corporate In-house Counsel Careers typically focus on internal corporate legal issues including human resource management issues, contract review, sales, and compliance.

    • Government Careers include opportunities with local, state, and federal agencies as lawyers, advocates, representatives, and policy analysts. 

    • Private Practice Careers vary from solo practice to offices with more than 500 attorneys, litigation or transactional, for-profit and not-for-profit.

    • Public Interest Careers exist with non-profit organizations, legal aid societies, and public defenders offices all with the goal of helping others access justice.

    • Alternative Legal Careers give graduates the option to use their Juris Doctor degree in non-practice positions that may or may not be connected to the legal profession.

    In all career paths, there are options to practice or not to practice.  The important concept to remember is that you can determine how best to use your law degree.  The sky's the limit.