Capital University Law School Democrats - Capital University Law School

Capital University Law School Democrats

  • Capital University Law School Democrats seek to:

    • Stimulate, amplify and channel the legal and political interests of Democratic law students.
    • Pursue the ideas of liberty, justice and freedom for all regardless of race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, age, national origin, veteran status or disability.
    • Foster the exchange of ideas and encourage political debate throughout the campus and community by pursuing and promoting the ideals of the Democratic Party. 

    2019-2020 Leadership 
    President: Daniel Hanser

     Historical Information 

    2017-2018 Leadership 
    President: Brandon Dale Lippert
    Vice President: Joel Newby
    Treasurer: Kelly Slone
    Secretary: Scott Sugarman
    Party Liaison: Sarah Ingles
    Advisor: Professor Looper-Friedman

    2016-2017 Leadership 
    President: Erica Friedman
    Vice President: Jazmyn Frye
    Treasurer: Brandon Dale Lippert
    Party Liaison: Sara Ingles
    Fundraising Chair: Kelly Slone
    2015-2016 Leadership 
    President: Mallory Rohr
    Vice President: Chelsey Kovach
    Treasurer: Jazmyn Frye
    Party Liaison: Erica Friedman 

    2014-2015 Leadership
    President: Holly Nagle
    Vice President: Heather Hardin-Theus
    Secretary: Mallory Rohr

    2013-2014 Leadership
    President: Mark King
    Vice President: Lakshmi Satyanarayana
    Secretary: Meganne Piccione
    Treasurer: Jessica Doogan
    Party Liaison: Scott Hubay
    Party Liaison: Holly Nagle

    2012-2013 Leadership
    President: Ariel Eilola
    Vice President: Jennifer Grant
    Treasurer: Jessica Doogan
    Secretary: Meganne Piccione
    Democratic Party Liaison: Holly Nagle
    Democratic Party Liaison: Lakshmi Satyanarayana
    Parliamentarian: Mark King
    Advisor: Professor Susan Looper-Friedman

    2011-2012 Leadership

    President: Michaela Hahn-Lawson
    Vice President: Chad Stonebrook
    Treasurer: Phil Leppla
    Secretary: Liz Hardy
    Democratic Party Liaison: Keith Dyer
    1L Representative: Mark King
    Advisor: Professor Susan Looper-Friedman