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Bar Exam Materials

  • BLOCK, GERTRUDE. EFFECTIVE LEGAL WRITING FOR LAW STUDENTS AND LAWYERS (5th ed. 1999). Reserve Room KF 250 .B56 1999 - Read the chapter on Legal Writing Style for ways to connect important ideas with effective sentence structure. The chapter on grammar outlines common problems of redundancies, sentence fragments and improper punctuation. The problem words section is especially useful to avoid common mistakes easily made when writing under strict time limitations.

    DARROW-KLEINHAUS, SUZANNE. THE BAR EXAM IN A NUTSHELL (3rd ed. 2016). Reserve Room KF 303 .D37 2016 - According to this author, the bar exam is a practical exam that requires a practical approach. The chapter on bar exam essays outlines proven strategies for using IRAC to produce a successful essay. Useful sections in this chapter include emergency measures when the writer freezes or is ignorant of the rule of law, along with a useful essay writing checklist.

    GALLAGHER, MARY CAMPBELL. SCORING HIGH ON BAR EXAM ESSAYS (3rd ed. 2006). Reserve Room KF 303 .G35 2006 - This work explains how to successfully approach bar exam essay questions by constructing Model Paragraphs and Key Outlines for each answer, and provides 80 sample essay questions and answers. The 3rd edition also includes an appendix on How to Do Legal Analysis.

    HANDY, EDNA WELLS. YOU CAN PASS ANY BAR EXAM (1997). Third Floor Stacks KF 303 .H36 1997 - The author believes practical strategies for dealing with all aspects of the bar exam will give the test taker an edge. Those who have a fear of writing should read pages 37 through 41 on reading, writing, and outlining strategies for the essay portion of the exam.

    INSTITUTE FOR BAR REVIEW STUDY. COMPILATION OF BAR EXAMINATION QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS (1993-). Reserve Room KF 388 .N5 1993-  The Institute for Bar Review Study publishes sample essay questions and answers from assorted states on a semiannual basis. Each question includes the grader’s guide listing the issues and the percentage given for discussion of each issue. Although Ohio’s exams are not published in this series, it is still useful.

    LECLERCQ, TERRI. GUIDE TO LEGAL WRITING STYLE (4th ed. 2007). Reserve Room KF 250 .L37 2007 - Legal writing is a branch of technical writing guided by its own set of rules and priorities. LeClercq provides the reader with crisp how-to guidance to make the written essay more readable. The advice is divided into chapters covering organization, sentence structure, word choice, and punctuation. Examples of both good and bad writing are included, along with brief exercises to strengthen composition skills. The answers to the exercises are included in the appendix.

    NOREUIL, CHAD. THE ZEN OF PASSING THE BAR EXAM (2011). Reserve Room KF 303 .N673 2011 - This book presents a holistic approach to taking the bar exam, with an emphasis on maintaining balance and staying focused on your path while studying for the bar exam. In addition, this book offers practical advice that addresses both the essay and MBE portions of the exam as well as exercises, examples, and model answers.

    RIEBE, DENISE & MICHAEL HUNTER SCHWARTZ. PASS THE BAR! (2006). Reserve Room KF 303 .R54 2006 - This book walks the reader through the entire bar exam process, from deciding to take the examination, through the application and preparation process, to tips on taking the test. Part Four, in particular, discusses how to prepare using Expert Study Strategies. Each chapter concludes with a set of reflection questions and exercises to help the reader process the information, and plenty of checklists are provided to keep track and gauge progress.

    STROPUS, ROTA K. & CHARLOTTE D. TAYLOR. BRIDGING THE GAP BETWEEN COLLEGE AND LAW SCHOOL (3rd ed. 2014). Reserve Room KF 283 .S77 2014 - Tips on Exam Preparation walks the reader through the process of problem solving. What to Do During an Essay Examination offers a five step strategy for organizing and writing the essay answer. A sample contracts question and answer illustrates the process of issue spotting, organizing the issues, and writing a successful answer.

    SUPREME COURT OF THE STATE OF OHIO. OHIO BAR EXAMINATION: ESSAY QUESTIONS AND SELECTED ANSWERS (1992-). Reserve Room KFO 76 .O35 1992-  This semiannual book contains 12 essay questions and actual applicant answers to the essay and MPT questions. The introduction warns that the answers are an illustration of above average performance and are not necessarily complete or correct in all aspects.

    TEMM, WANDA K.. CLEARING THE LAST HURDLE: MAPPING SUCCESS ON THE BAR EXAM (2nd ed. 2018). Reserve Room KF 303 .T46 2018 - The author of this book advocates the use of "mind maps" to create visual connections between related concepts as a powerful tool for learning and retaining what one needs to pass every type of bar exam. This book includes substantive outlines and examples of mind maps for every topic covered by the Multistate Bar Exam and the Multistate Essay Exam, as well as practice questions in all three formats: essay, multiple choice, and performance questions.


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