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JD Admissions Philosophy

  • The decision to admit or deny a candidate is far from an automatic one based solely upon numbers. Applications for admission to the Law School are judged in their entirety. Rarely does any single factor, either LSAT score or undergraduate grade point average, determine a candidate's status.

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    The Office of Admission carefully evaluates a candidate's undergraduate and graduate coursework, employment history, writing ability, general background, and other information the candidate feels is important to the admission decision. All of these factors, along with the LSAT score and grade point average, act to increase or decrease the probability of admission.

    An applicant with an LSAT score in the upper 50th percentile, grade point average above 3.00, solid writing skills, challenging undergraduate curriculum, and evidence of motivation and commitment to the study of law, has an excellent probability of admission. Higher LSAT scores and grades do not guarantee acceptance; conversely, candidates with lower LSAT scores and grades should not be discouraged from applying.

    It is suggested that any applicant whose LSAT is below the 50th percentile, or GPA is below a 3.0, should supplement his or her application with an additional essay selected from the list on the application form.

    Suggested Application Deadline: May 1

    Schedule a visit today. Call 614-236-6310 or email admissions@law.capital.edu. Please schedule your visit at least three days in advance so we can ensure your visit is as productive and informative as possible.