Academic Success Program Testimonials - Capital University Law School

Academic Success Program Testimonials

  •    “The practice exams given during ASP gave me a guided map on how to approach law school exams. Taking these practice exams allowed me to see where my strengths and weakness were in addition to showing me what my professors were looking for. The mock doctrinal classes helped to ease my anxiety on the first day of law school in the fall.  The workshops were very helpful and the one-on-one meetings with Professor Hara helped me because I was able to get help based on the particular issues I had. I would recommend ASP to any incoming law student; I honestly do not know how I would have been as successful my first semester without ASP.” – Ayana K. Barrow


  •    “I owe much of my first semester success to Capital’s ASP program. During the mock doctrinal classes in the summer, I learned what would be expected of me in terms of my class preparation and class participation. My most meaningful experience from the summer was taking a mock exam. Taking this exam really opened my eyes to the challenge of law school and gave me the desire to diligently prepare for my fall semester exams. The ASP sessions during the fall semester helped me remain focused as my workload increased. We covered everything from polishing our legal writing assignments to taking practice exams. Without participating in ASP, I wouldn’t have approached my first semester exams feeling confident and prepared.” – Chris Greene

      “Attending the summer ASP program gave me an amazing opportunity to acclimate myself to doctrinal classes and understand what was expected of students entering law school. I found that the lessons I learned in ASP over the summer and throughout the fall semester really helped me to engage in the classroom in an effective way and improve my learning skills in order to succeed. I use the skills I learned in ASP all the time, and they have made my transition into law school so much better.” – Demi Johnson 


  •   “ASP gave me a helpful step up into my first semester of law school. ASP was especially valuable in training me how to link legal rules and case facts on exam answers. Professor Hara described and demonstrated how to perform this legal writing skill that my other doctrinal professors encouraged us to do, but never demonstrated in lack of class time due to lack of time. Moreover, the repeated mock exams were useful to help alleviate testing anxiety when it really counted. Overall, I believe ASP was one of the pillars that helped me to excel in my first semester.” – Jim Perko  

  •    “ASP’s mock doctrinal classes were very helpful in preparing for actual classroom experiences. The mock exams, in particular, really helped me overcome my test taking anxiety. By the time I was taking actual exams in class, I was much more confident in my own abilities and I was a stronger test taker because I knew what to expect.” - Natalie Noyes 

      “Concepts like IRAC and CRAC were completely foreign to me prior to law school. I would have been weeks behind in my course work attempting to understand both of these writing and thinking styles had I not received training in ASP.” – Patrick Walsh  


  •   “I highly recommend ASP. The summer session provides a very realistic idea of what you can expect when classes start. All aspects of the program, the mock doctrinal classes, the practice exam writing, tips from the professors and the great feedback that followed all gave me a much higher level of skill and confidence than I would have had otherwise. The ongoing workshops are excellent for fine tuning skills and smoothing out the rough edges. The ongoing support offered by Professor Hara is second to none. This is a very unique program and a great resource that truly has something to offer everyone.”  -- Sandra Horvath 
  •    “The Academic Success Program at Capital University Law School was an invaluable learning experience. Through ASP, I developed the confidence and skills I needed to be successful in law school. The ASP mock law school courses and exams gave me the opportunity to experience firsthand the curriculum and teaching methods that I would encounter in the upcoming semester. I also enjoyed the student panels because they gave me the opportunity to ask questions concerning the first-year experience and receive tips on how to best prepare for the challenges that are an inherent part of law school. I would highly recommend that every student attend ASP and take advantage of the academic and personal support system that it provides. ASP was and continues to be a vital part of my academic success in law school.” - Shirnelle Robinson  


    “I was thrilled when I received my acceptance letter from Capital, but nervousness spread through me as well. I had taken several years off of school and work to be a stay-at-home mother. I was overwhelmed with the anticipation of going back to school as well as worry that I would not perform well because of my break from education. ASP truly helped me build the confidence I needed to start my law school experience. The most helpful part of ASP for me was the mock doctrinal classes. I got to meet some professors and go through what a real class would be like when fall semester started. In addition to the mock classes, the student panel was also helpful because of the advice and encouragement from fellow students that were in similar situations. ASP was a valuable experience, and I am thankful for the skills and confidence that the ASP class gave me so that I could be successful in my first semester of law school.” – Valerie Ballinger