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Succeeding in the Business of Mediation

  • "This is a refreshing session as it is not often discussed in most mediation trainings." 


    This one-half day training program is designed to enhance a mediator’s ability to prepare for and conduct a mediation process. The training will identify those factors that must be explored before the actual mediation commences and those that influence the potential for a successful outcome at the mediation. This pre-mediation assessment involves examining the original dispute and clarifying the parties who need to be present at the mediation, as well as identifying the work that the parties and the mediator need to do prior to the beginning of the actual mediation. Special emphasis is placed on exploring whether the dispute is "ripe" for mediation and whether the parties are ready to commence the mediation process. Issues such as the parties’ authority to mediate, selection of the appropriate mediator, location of the mediation, and costs of the mediation process are all explored. Initial contact forms, notices, and agreements to mediate are reviewed and analyzed.



    Competencies Learned:
    • Knowledge and ability to conduct pre-mediation assessments

    • Understanding of factors that increase the potential for success in mediations

    • Ability to use mediation forms and documents

    • Knowledge of how to conduct the business of mediation

    Lead Faculty:

    Scot Dewhirst, Co-Director, Center for Dispute Resolution