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Mediation Ethics

  • "This block of instruction, like the entire week, was amazing." 


    Mediation Ethics is a complex topic because it involves various mediator standards of practice, numerous professional codes of conduct and standards of ethics, and a variety of state laws and court rules. This workshop explores the interaction of these various ethical guides within diverse mediation contexts and engages participants in thoughtful and insightful discussions.


    Mediators and anyone – attorneys or parties – that plan to participate in mediation.

    Competencies Learned:
    • Knowledge and application of The Lawyer's Creed and The Lawyer's Aspirational Values 
    • Knowledge and understanding of existing mediator standards of ethics and conduct
    • Knowledge and understanding of the Ohio Uniform Mediation Act
    • Knowledge of existing Ohio laws and court rules related to mediation
    • Ability to recognize and analyze mediation situations that raise ethical considerations
    • Knowledge of substance abuse causes, prevention, detection, and treatment alternatives
    Lead Faculty:

    Terry Wheeler, Co-Director, Center for Dispute Resolution