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  • The Center regularly provides arbitration services to businesses, insurance companies and individuals. Arbitration can most simply be referred to as private judging since the neutral arbitrator listens to all sides and then issues a decision that brings the dispute to a close. Since arbitration is a private dispute resolution process, the disputing parties themselves decide upon the rules of the arbitration process.

    Additionally, prior to the commencement of the arbitration, the parties make decisions regarding its length, its location and the authority of the arbitrator. The parties can also decide whether to use one arbitrator as the decision maker, or they can select a panel of arbitrators.


    Arbitration can be a viable alternative to the complicated, time consuming and costly aspects of the traditional trial process.


    To schedule an arbitration or to learn more about arbitration contact:

    Scot Dewhirst, CDR Co-Director, at (614) 221-2396