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  • "Working through the role plays and exercises greatly helped me understand the strategies that were discussed and how they did or did not work."


    Negotiation – everyone does it, but how well you do it is the difference between getting the best agreement possible or simply getting a compromise that satisfies no one. This training intertwines the major components of negotiation theory – attitudes, styles, tactics, and strategies – with practical applications. This training will also explore the many sources of power and the various techniques for dealing with power in negotiations.

    Lectures, videos, and exercises create an interactive experience for learning the characteristics of competitive positional, cooperative positional and interest-based negotiators. Participants will also learn the importance of thorough preparation and strategic selection of negotiation tactics.

    Special Note: Because mediation can be defined as “assisted negotiation” this training is extremely beneficial in helping mediators to better understand the negotiation dynamics that occur in mediation and to better select techniques to overcome barriers to resolution.


    Anyone who negotiates or mediates.

    Competencies Learned:
    • Ability to identify own negotiation style and preferred strategy

    • Ability to identify various negotiation strategies

    • Ability to plan for successful outcomes

    • Understanding of “strategic choice” negotiation

    • Ability to assess and address issues of power in negotiations

    • Ability to negotiate more effectively

    Lead Faculty:
    Terrence T. Wheeler, Co-Director, Center for Dispute Resolution