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Handling Workplace Conflicts

  • Description:

    This two-day workshop examines conflicts that create disruptions in the work environment. Unresolved conflicts reduce employee productivity, disrupt the cooperative workplace environment, and create potentially unsafe conditions. Comprehensive conflict management programs allow employees to effectively resolve conflicts as soon as possible in order to build better workplace relationships, reduce the costs of workplace conflict, increase productivity, and create an environment that values everyone.

    The first day of the workshop focuses on conflict analysis, while the second day focuses on skill building. Using a combination of exercises, lectures, and discussions, this workshop will explore the following topics: conflict response styles, personality types, psychological needs, interests vs. positions, stages of team development, elements of problem-solving communication, and comprehensive conflict management program designs. Exercises and role plays will help participants to practice and learn skills for preventing disputes, de-escalating conflict situations, and resolving problems.


    Human Resource Mangers, Union Leaders, Managers, Employees – anyone seeking information and skills to better understand, prevent, and manage conflicts that arise in the workplace.

    Competencies Learned:
    • Basic conflict management theory

    • Ability to analyze conflict escalation

    • Skills for preventing and de-escalating conflict

    • Improved set of conflict management skills

    • Understanding of workplace conflict management options

    Lead Faculty:

    Terry Wheeler, Co-Director, Center for Dispute Resolution