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Basic Mediation

  • "Overall, possibly the best 13.5 CLE I've taken in over 30 years."

    "The program was fantastic. Incredibly informative and user friendly. The format forced you to engage and to really participate in the program. Best CLE I have ever taken by far."


    Mediation is a process in which a neutral third party assists disputing parties in coming up with their own solutions to reach a mutually agreeable resolution. Mediation has proven to be effective in resolving conflicts that arise in workplaces, neighborhoods, families, and the legal system.

    This two-day mediation training is designed to teach the basic skills used by an effective mediator. No prior mediation experience is required for individuals taking this course. This training is specifically designed to be interdisciplinary in nature and is developed to be useful for people with multiple backgrounds and experience levels.

    This fast moving and interesting training combines exercises, videos, short lectures, written materials, group discussions, and role plays to help participants learn how to effectively use the seven-stage mediation process. During role playing sessions CDR provides one trainer for every four trainees so that each participant will have the opportunity to mediate three different disputes and receive advice and assistance from a skilled and experienced mediation trainer in a comfortable and non-threatening environment.


    Anyone who wants to learn basic mediation skills. Participants typically include human resource managers, attorneys, judges, business leaders, healthcare professionals, supervisors, managers, union leaders, EEO officers, government employees, members of the clergy, social service personnel, teachers, and others.
    Competencies Learned:

    • Understanding of dispute resolution continuum
    • Ability to conduct seven-stage mediation process
    • Knowledge of special issues that arise in mediation

    Lead Faculty:

    Scot Dewhirst, Co-Director, Center for Dispute Resolution
    Terry Wheeler, Co-Director, Center for Dispute Resolution