Welcome from the Director of the Paralegal and Certificate

  • Capital University Law School is proud to be at the forefront of legal education by continuing to provide post-baccalaureate certificate programs for non-lawyer professionals within the legal profession. Capital’s Paralegal, Legal Nurse Consultant and Life Care Planner programs are providing graduates to fill the rapidly growing need for non-lawyer professionals as essential members of the legal team. These elite programs are one of a select few in the country to be part of an American Bar Association-accredited law school. In addition, Capital’s Paralegal program is the only paralegal program to have been co-founded by a metropolitan bar association.

    Since 1972, the Capital University Law School Paralegal program has offered students a challenging blend of legal theory and practical, hands-on skills training which has prepared the graduates to assume their role as leaders in the legal and business communities. Capital raised the bar even higher in 2001 by establishing the Legal Nurse Consultant program and again in 2003 by establishing the Life Care Planner program.

    As a pioneer in developing programs for those students seeking to excel as non-lawyer professionals, we require a four-year college degree. This post-baccalaureate admission requirement permits a level of sophistication in our curriculum as well as in the education of our students that lends confidence to the employer hiring our graduates that our students will be a valuable asset to their team. American Bar Association approval, Commission on Health Care Certification approval and an ongoing connection to the American Association for Paralegal Educators, American Association of Legal Nurse Consultants, and Commission on Health Care Certification serve to enhance that level of confidence.

    The programs offered encourage a diverse student population and provides each student with a flexible schedule to accommodate the needs of the person with a full-time position outside the home or the stay-at-home parent. Flexible evening, day and weekend formats enable our students to further their career goals and still maintain a balance between their academic, personal and professional lives. It is our firm belief that students who are capable of maintaining this balance will bring these skills to future professional positions, thereby enhancing their satisfaction and productivity in the workplace.

    We at Capital University Law School strive to design our curriculum to meet the ever changing needs of professionals while remaining committed to our students as we strive to assist our graduates apply their newly learned skills in the 21st century. Our position within the law school affords our students access to a law library and law school resources which is an advantage that cannot be duplicated. We will remain committed to our goal of preparing non-lawyer professionals to meet the changing and expanding needs of the legal and business profession.

    Donna J. Schoebel
    Director, Graduate Law and Paralegal Programs
    Capital University Law School