Small Business Entities Concentrations - Capital University Law School

Small Business Entities Concentrations

  • Capital Law's location in downtown Columbus, Ohio gives students tremendous opportunites to work for such companies  as Limited Brands, Cardinal Health, The Scotts MiracleGro Company and Nationwide Insurance. As companies continue to do less outsourcing of their legal needs, opportunities exist for attorneys with legal and business expertise. Capital's business planning practicum and the new Small Business Clinic provide hands-on experience counseling business owners.

    The Small Business Entities and Publicly-Held Companies concentrations are divided into two specific certifications and focus on two related but unique areas of study. In addition to the required courses for each concentration, Capital offers over ten elective courses in the small business and corporation areas. Students also benefit from the practical opportunities that exists with capital's location in downtown Columbus.


    11 credit hours of study are required for each concentration. Students must also earn a minimum 2.8 GPA in the courses taken to satisfy the concentration, and fulfill the upper-class writing requirement in an approved course or independent study.

    Required Courses for Small Business Entities:

    Corporate Finance
    Partnership Tax or
    Subchapter S Corporations & Advanced Pass-Through Entities

    Electives for Small Business Entities:

    Entrepreneurship Law
    Subchapter S Corporations & Advanced Pass-Through Entities
    Business Planning Practicum
    Limited Liability Companies
    Securities Regulation
    Partnership Tax
    Unfair Trade Practices