Governmental Affairs Concentration - Capital University Law School

Governmental Affairs Concentration

  • National statistics show that almost 13 percent of law school graduates enter the legal profession with a position in government (NALP). Furthermore, the U.S. Department of Labor expects opportunities for lawyers to grow in government agencies and other nontraditional areas of practice. Students who are interested in a rewarding career in our government should consider Capital University Law School's Governmental Affairs concentration.

    Capital's location in Ohio's capital city offers students an opportunity to combine theory-based classroom experiences with critical practical application. Capital's Governmental Affairs concentration students participate in externships with the Columbus City Attorney's Office, the Ohio Attorney General's Office and the Ohio Department of Commerce. In addition to the over 25 available courses, the Governmental Affairs concentration requires students to complete an in-depth scholarly paper on an issue that concerns government.


    15 credit hours of course work are required. Students must also fulfill their upper-class writing requirement by a course in the program or with an approved independent study.

    Required Courses:

    Administrative Law
    Local Government Law


    Air Pollution Law and Policy
    Agricultural Law
    Anti-Trust & Trade Regulation
    Consumer Law
    Energy Law
    Environmental Law
    Water Pollution Law and Policy
    Hazardous Waste Law and Policy
    Land Use Controls
    Immigration and Naturalization Law
    Health Law
    School Law
    State and Local Tax
    Unfair Trade Practices
    Civil Rights
    Election Law
    Employment Law
    Employment Discrimination
    Federal Courts
    Labor Law

    Skills Courses:

    No more than one of the following courses may be applied to the concentration: 

    Dispute Resolution
    Interviewing & Counseling
    Mediation Practicum
    Environmental Law Practicum

    For more information about the Governmental Affairs concentration, please contact Professor Brad Smith.