Environmental Law Concentration - Capital University Law School

Environmental Law Concentration

  • Many of the critical issues facing the environment today involve legal questions. Our society is deeply reliant on the development and administration of regulatory law to address topics such as global warming, the protection of endangered species and maintaining clean air and water. Students who wish to gain the expertise and skills necessary to practice in this important field should take a close look at Capital's environmental Law concentration.

    Capital's concentration in Environmental Law is a comprehensive program that exposes students to coursework in air, water, hazardous waste and land use law and policy. Capital University Law School's location in the state capital of Ohio provides numerous opportunities for students to gain practical experience in law firms, government and non-profit environmental groups. Additionally, Ohio has a growing number of environmental issues that create opportunities for individuals interested in this field.

    The Environmental Law concentration offers introductory and advanced courses to students. A highlight of the curriculum is the Environmental Practicum which incorporates a skills-building approach to the study of Environmental Law.

    Additional opportunities available to Environmental Law students include the Environmental Law Moot Court Team and the Environmental Law Society. These organizations allow additional outlets to help students understand current environmental issues, network and gain important practical experience.


    11 credit hours of course work are required to obtain a certificate in this concentration. Students must also maintain a 2.8 GPA in the courses taken to satisfy the concentration and fulfill their upper-class writing requirement by a course in the program or with an approved independent study.

    Required Courses:

    Environmental Law and at least two of the following courses:
    Water Pollution Law and Policy
    Air Pollution Law and Policy
    Hazardous Waste Law and Policy
    Environmental Law Practicum


    Land Use Controls
    Energy Law
    Administrative Law
    Or any of the above listed courses.

    If you would like to learn more, contact Professor Dennis Hirsch.