2011-2012 John E. Sullivan Lecture Commentator Craig Becker - Capital University Law School

2011-2012 John E. Sullivan Lecture Commentator Craig Becker



    Craig Becker
    Visiting Associate Professor of Law, Georgetown University Law School
     From April 2010 to January 2012, Professor Becker served as a Member of the National Labor Relations Board, having been appointed by President Obama after serving on the transition team for the new administration. Before joining the Board, he served as Associate General Counsel to both the Service Employees International Union and the American Federation of Labor & Congress of Industrial Organizations and was a partner in a Washington, D.C. law firm that was counsel to the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees. 

    Professor Becker has represented workers and their unions in many of the central legal controversies of the last three decades, including clerical workers seeking to unionize at Harvard University; janitors in the landmark Justice for Janitors Campaign in Los Angeles; prison guards subject to random strip search in Ohio; and home health care workers seeking the protection of minimum labor standards legislation. He has argued labor and employment cases in virtually every federal court of appeals and before the United States Supreme Court. A member of the faculty at UCLA Law School from 1989 to 1994, he has also taught at the University of Chicago School of Law. He has published numerous articles on labor and employment law in scholarly journals as well as in the popular press, addressing issues ranging from speech rights in representation elections to the regulation of work in a new, service economy. He graduated from Yale College and received his J.D. from Yale Law School where he was an Editor of the Yale Law Journal.