Membership in Law Review

  • Membership in the Law Review is among the highest honors and responsibilities that a student can receive in law school. Members develop their skills in legal research, writing, analysis, editing and publishing.

    There are three ways to obtain membership:

    (1) Top 10% of class: Law Review memberships are offered to second and third-year law students who are in the top 10 percent of their class.

    (2) Legal Writing Class Rank: top two students from each Legal Research and Writing class, based on total number of points accumulated in the class, provided that the grades of those students are that of an A- or better. If two or more individuals receive the exact number of points in the Legal Research and Writing class, all tied individuals will receive an invitation.

    (3) Write-On Competition: Invitations also are offered to students who demonstrate excellent writing and analytical skills in this writing competition.

    The Law Review is managed by an Executive Board of seven editors. In addition, the Review is comprised of approximately 10 associate editors and 25 to 40 staff members.