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Secured Transactions A



First Assignment

First Assignments 

Secured Transactions A 

Capital University Law School 

Prof. Cohen 



Required Text:  Linda J. Rush and Stephen L. Sepinuck, Problems and Materials on Secured Transactions (3d ed. West); ISBN: 978-1-62810-221-5 (Hereinafter, the “Text.”)

Statutory Supplement:  Baird, Eisenberg and Jackson's Commercial and Debtor-Creditor Law: Selected Statutes, 2014;  ISBN: 978-1-62810-0587 (not available until early August)


In lieu of the “Selected Statutes” listed above, students may use any statutory supplement containing the following:

  • The Uniform Commercial Code, preferably with the 2010 amendments to UCC  Article 9, the 2001 amendments to UCC Articles 1 and 7 (which have been adopted most places, including Ohio), but not necessarily containing the 2002 amendments to UCC Article 2.
  • The United States Bankruptcy Code as amended in 2005 by the Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act of 2005
  • The Food Security Act
  • The Tax Lien Act
  • Federal Trade Commission Unfair Credit Practices Regulations

Students will be permitted to bring their statutory supplement, including their own handwriting within the supplement, into the final exam.  Therefore, students should be cautious about relying on used copies with significant amounts of handwriting already in them.



First Assignments 

We will cover the following materials during the first week of class:


Text:  pp. 1-56 (stopping before “B”)

 (Problems 1-1 to 1-4; 2-1)


Before the first class, register on the course TWEN page.  TWEN stands for “The West Education Network” and the TWEN page is the course webpage.  To register, sign onto WestLaw using your WestLaw number, look for TWEN and registration for the class is easy from there.  The course is listed as “Secured Transactions A” under the last name “Cohen.”