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Torts I, AB



First Assignment


FALL 2014 - Professor Gilles 


WELCOME to Capital Law School and to the study of Torts. 

Together we will be looking at how injured individuals obtain compensation for wrongs. We will look at intentional torts (for instance, if your client is punched by an angry assailant in a bar fight) and at the tort of negligence (for instance, if your client is injured by a careless driver).


This class is also your "Core Competencies" class.   This is a special opportunity offered to all first year students at Capital Law School to help you succeed at law school.  In class, we will study many of the key skills you will need to be a successful law student and lawyer.   



The required books are, 

  2. joseph W. Glannon, examples & Explanations: the Law of Torts, 4th Ed.  2010, Aspen) (ISBN 9780735588745). 

You can purchase these books individually or as the “Goldberg/Glannon” bundle that allows you to buy the Glannon text for $5.00 when you buy the casebook too.  The ISBN for the bundle is ISBN 9781454849117.


ASSIGNMENT:   Class 1: Monday, August 25th                                                

  • Most of your assignments in this course will be short (10-20 pages), but will require you to read and re-read the material.  This first class is different because there is a large chunk of introductory material (pp. 1-41), as well as two key cases (pp. 587-597).  Here’s how to prepare for this first class.
  • Topic: Introduction to Tort Law
    • Read generally pp. 1-31 of the Golberg casebook, and then skim pp. 31-42. These assigned pages are for general background information.  We will not go over these pages closely in class, but you will find this material useful as you go through the semester.  You should take only a few notes on this introductory material (perhaps make a list of the topics covered, so you can remember what is in this section for later reference).  You should not “brief” this material.
    • Part of this material, on pages 21-28, describes the steps in a lawsuit.  If you understand these steps, it will help you read and brief cases for this and other classes.  However, these concepts can be tough to master. To help you understand the steps in a lawsuit, I have made a YouTube video (20 minutes) .   You might want to watch this video now, and then come back to it later in the semester to refresh your recollection of what happens in a lawsuit.  I hope it helps.
  • The Tort of Battery
    • Read carefully, and then re-read pages 587-597 (up to “Intent”).   Almost all of class time will be spent on this material, so you should prepare with care.  Take notes on (or “brief”) the two assigned cases AND the text and notes that come before and after the cases.


  • Finally, please log on to TWEN site for this class:  F2014 TORTS Section AB Gilles.  Through out the semester I will post material and messages on that site.


IF you have any questions or concerns I can be reached at