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Employment Law



First Assignment

EMPLOYMENT LAW, Fall 2014 (Collins) 

Week 1 Assignment 


Week 1.           Sources of Modern Employment Law; The Changing Economic and Social Setting; pp. 31-72

                                    “The Hiring Process”; Introduction; The Labor Pool, pp. 80-117;

                        Wright v. Honda 73 Ohio St. 3d 571 (1995) 

                        Hanly v. Riverside Methodist Hosp. 78 Ohio App.73 (1991)

                        Reasoner v. Bill Woeste Chevrolet 134 Ohio App. 3d 196 (1999) 

                        Ohio Revised Code 124. 34                   



 Employment Law: Cases and Materials, Rothstein and Liebman, The Foundation Press, Inc., 2011.  (ISBN: 978-59941-882-7)

    Employment Law Supplement, 2014 (Handout will be provided)


 The Outline is a projected schedule of material to be covered for each week of Employment Law.  Recognizing that some topics may require more time than allotted, or less, we may on occasion deviate from the reading assignment schedule.  In addition, I will be supplementing the reading material with recent court decisions and points of interest during the semester.