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Professional Responsibility A



First Assignment


Professional Responsibility section A will meet on Tuesday August 26, 2014 at 8:30 am.  


The first reading assignment is Gillers, “Can a Good Lawyer Be A Bad Person?”, 2 Journal of the Institute for the Study of  Legal Ethics 131-151 (1999).  This article is available on line.  It probably is worth downloading.  We will begin discussing it in the first class.  


The course materials are the casebook–Lerman & Schrag, ETHICAL PROBLEMS IN THE PRACTICE OF LAW:  Concise Third Edition for Two-Credit Courses (Aspen 2013); Gillers,  Simon, & Perlman, REGULATION OF LAWYERS:  STATUTES & STANDARDS Concise Edition 2014; the Ohio Rules of Professional Conduct (2012); and materials from time to time placed On Reserve, handed out in class, or sent by e-mail. 


The Lerman & Schrag casebook is relatively new.  It was used for Section M in the 2013 Fall Semester and the 2014 Spring Semester.  It is permissible to purchase a used copy if you can find a fellow student willing to sell his or her copy.  The Gillers, Simon, & Perlman statutes and standards book was used in the 2014 Spring Semester.  You may purchase a used copy of this edition.  Older versions of this book and code books by other publishers are not sufficient.  A new edition is published each December.  You will not be permitted to sell your copy of the edition that we use in the 2014 Fall Semester to students enrolled in the course in the 2015 Spring Semester.   During the first week of Fall Semester classes I will make some introductory reading assignments in the statutes and standards book.  


The Ohio Rules of Professional Conduct will be distributed free of charge in class. 


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