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Health Law



First Assignment

The first reading assignment is three articles previously sent to registered students by email attachment:  

 - Charo, The Supreme Court Decision in the Hobby Lobby Case – Conscience, Complicity, and Contraception, JAMA Internal Medicine (July 14, 2014)

 - Annas, et al., Money, Sex, and Religion – The Supreme Court’s ACA Sequel, New England Journal of Medicine (July 2014)

 - Blumenthal and Collins, Health Care Coverage under the Affordable Care Act – A Progress Report (July 2014)



The required casebook for the Health Law course is: Furrow, Greaney, Johnson, Jost, & Schwartz, The Law of Health, Care Organization and Finance, 7th Edition (2013 West) , ISBN 978-0-314-27991-0

 This text was used for the Health Law course in the 2013 Fall Semester. It is permissible to use a previously owned copy.