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Torts I, B



First Assignment

Before Reading the First Assignment:  


I've prepared a short "video" (it's a Power Point presentation with a voice-over) for you that gives you some tips for preparing the reading I've assigned for Monday's class. Please view the video before you prepare the assignment. It can be found at: 


First Assignment: 

Read pages 3-31 in Chapter One (Parts I and II)

  • Skim pages 31-42 (Parts III and IV)
  • Carefully read pages 587-597 (up to “Intent”).  Prepare a case brief for each case in the passage; take careful and complete notes on the “note material” following the cases.  Make sure that you have an answer for the questions asked in the notes.


 Required Texts:  


Please purchase two books, both by Aspen Law Press.  You can purchase them individually or as the “Goldberg/Glannon” bundle which allows you to buy the Glannon text for $5.00 when you buy the casebook. The ISBN for the bundle is ISBN 9781454849117.


  1. Tort Law: Responsibilities & Redress, Third Edition (2012) by John C. P. Goldberg, Anthony J. Sebok, Benjamin C. Zipursky, ISBN: 978145480688


  1. Examples & Explanations: The Law of Torts, 4th Ed. (2010) , by Joseph W. Glannon , ISBN: 9780735588745