Contracts I, A - Cordray


Course Title

Contracts I, A



First Assignment


   Professor Cordray 


Please purchase the following book for the course: 


Contracts: A Contemporary Approach, 2d ed., by Christina L. Kunz and Carol L. Chomsky (ISBN 978-0314283078).


Note: You are welcome to buy a used book.  Although a new book comes with access to an online “ebook” version, you will not need the on-line materials for this class (so you do not need to purchase on-line access if you buy a used book). 


Suggested supplement (optional): 


Understanding Contracts, 2d ed., by Jeff Ferriell (ISBN 978-1422429624).


Note: The casebook presents the material you need to learn primarily through cases.  In contrast, Understanding Contracts is a treatise that presents the material in a more descriptive way.  In practice, lawyers use treatises to get an overview of the law before they begin their research on a specific topic.  Similarly, reading about a topic in Understanding Contracts before you read the assigned pages in the casebook will help you place the material in context as you read the cases and prepare for class. 


Reading assignments for the first week: 


Monday, August 25:               pp. 1-13


Wednesday, August 27:         pp. 15-29


Friday, August 29:                  pp. 30-38