Legal Research & Writing III, M-1 - Hughes


Course Title

Legal Research & Writing III, M-1



First Assignment

1. Legal Research & Writing III – Prof. Hughes – Section M-1 


A. Required Texts (same as the last two semesters):      


R. Neumann & K. Tiscione, Legal Reasoning and Legal  Writing (7th ed. 2013) – ISBN 9781454826972. 

A. Sloan, Basic Legal Research (5th ed. 2012) - ISBN 9781454808473. 

R. Haydock et al., Fundamentals of Pretrial Litigation (9th ed. 2013) - ISBN 9780314286574. 

The Bluebook: A Uniform System of Citation (19th ed. 2010) - ISBN 9780615361161. 

Black's Law Dictionary (4th pocket ed. 2011) - ISBN 978031427544


B. First Assignment:



                              Reading & Assignments 



 R 5-29 

Topic: Pretrial Motion Practice.  

1. Read carefully Chapter 12 in R. Haydock's Fundamentals of Pretrial Litigation.


2. Please also read carefully Chapters 22 through 26 & Appendix D in Neumann's Legal Reasoning and Legal Writing


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