Interviewing and Counseling (I&C) Course Work Study Student Assistant


Job Title 

Interviewing and Counseling (I&C) Course Study Student Assistant  


Job Description and Duties 

In the Interviewing and Counseling (I&C) course, students are required to conduct taped mock and client interviews, with clients who have contacted the Legal Clinic for services. The student assistant is responsible for scheduling the mock interviews, contacting prospective legal clinic clients, and scheduling the interviews in the Legal Clinic. The interview needs to be scheduled at a time when the client, the student, the clinic interview room and the student assistant are all available. Interviews can be scheduled during the day, after 5:00 pm or on weekends…based on everyone’s schedule. The work study student also is required to be present during the interviews to operate the taping equipment, prepare the DVD, and coordinate delivery of the DVD’s to the Professors. There are two classes with 15-16 students per class, so 30-32 interviews need to be scheduled and taped. The goal would be to schedule all interviews over a 3 week period about mid-semester. 

Hourly pay rate: $8.45 




Professor Scot Dewhirst and Lisa Eschleman 


To Apply 

Please send letter of interest to