Mediation Clinic - Dewhirst


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Mediation Clinic



First Assignment


Spring 2014 

Professor Dewhirst 


There is no book to purchase for this course.   Throughout the semester readings will be distributed to you by email and in person. 



There is no regular class time set for this course.  The Wednesday class time listed for this course is not a scheduled class time to meet. The Professor will send you a memo prior to the commencement of the first week of class. The memo will present options for when a class can be held during the first week of class at the courthouse.   Please watch for this memo prior to the start of the Spring Semester. 


Other “Classroom” sessions will be scheduled based on student availability.  In addition to classroom work, students will conduct and/or observe pre-scheduled mediation sessions at a variety of settings such as the Franklin County Municipal Court and the City Prosecutor’s Office.   Mediations may be scheduled during the daytime, evening and/or weekend and may require attendance at different locations. 


NOTE:  Each student will have a different “mediation” schedule that she/he will specifically coordinate with the professor.   This schedule can be a set time for the entire semester, or it change from week to week as the professor and student determine.  There is a lot of flexibility in determining what days and times you will schedule your mediations sessions. 


“It is best to communicate with your Professor a few weeks prior to the start of fall classes.”  


Call Professor Scot Dewhirst at his private law office, 614-221-0944 or send an email to