Mediation - Wheeler


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First Assignment


 The textbook for the spring 2014 Mediation class will be: Mediation: The Roles of Advocate and Neutral, Second Edition; byDwight Golann, Jay Folberg; Imprint: Aspen Publishers; ISBN: 9780735599680
Paperback: 512 pages


  1. Read Golann & Folberg, Chapters 1 – 4.  These chapters focus on negotiation strategies, which are important for a mediator to understand.  However, since there is a separate negotiation course offered at Capital, this course will only include a quick overview of negotiation.  Students who have not taken the negotiation course are strongly encouraged to read these chapters prior to class and come to the first class with any questions related to negotiation. 
  2. Conduct an internet search to find an example of how mediation was used to resolve a dispute in the legal area in which you hope to practice law.  Bring a written summary of that mediation to the first class. 
  3. Purchase The Mediator Handbook in the CULS Legal Clinic.