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Evidence A & B



First Assignment


The textbook for Evidence is "Learning Evidence: From the Federal Rules to the Courtroom," Second Edition, by Deborah Jones Merritt and Ric SimmonsISBN 978-0-314-27540-0.  You will not need a rules supplement.  The rules are included in the casebook and are available for view on Westlaw. 

For the first class session, please skim pages 1-39, which provide valuable background information on how evidence is used, types of evidence, the Federal Rules of Evidence, and the structure of a trial. Please also read carefully pages 40-54. 

The assignments for the first week are: 

M   1/13     Introduction; pp. 1-39 (skim) Objections; Limited Admissibility pp. 40-54 


W   1/15    Relevance; pp. 55-68; Rule of Completeness pp. 287-291 


F  1/17    Prejudice; pp. 69-87