Tax Research and Writing I - Dodson


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Tax Research and Writing I



First Assignment

There is no assigned textbook for this course. Due to a unavoidable scheduling conflict, our first class (otherwise scheduled for Thursday, August 29th, 2013) has been rescheduled to be held at 6:00-8:00pm on Tuesday, August 27th, 2013 in Room A121. THIS CHANGE IS ONLY FOR THE FIRST CLASS. We will meet, as scheduled, for the second class on Thursday, September 5th in Room 121.

For those of you who are not able to make it to the first class, please review the syllabus (PDF) and outline of the lecture from the first class (PDF). Also, please complete the tutorial on RIA Checkpoint that is explained in the First Assignment document (PDF). RIA Checkpoint is one of the computer based tax research services we will be learning about and using in our course. Please complete this tutorial in advance of our second class scheduled for September 5th.

For those students who are able to attend class on Tuesday, August 27th, you do NOT need to review or complete of this “first assignment” materials as this will all be provided and covered during our class session on Tuesday, August 27th.

Please contact Professor Dodson directly with any questions or concerns. You may reach her by email at