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Law and Social Science



First Assignment

Required Textbook: An Introduction to Social Science in Law, 1st edition, 2006. Monahan and Walker. Foundation Press. ISBN #1-58778-987-6

TWEN course

Assignment for the first class on Wednesday, August 28:

Topics: Introduction to Uses of Social Science in Law
              Introduction to Evidentiary rules and Scientific methodology

There are three short reading assignments for the first day:

1) Read Article: Herzberger, “Social Science Contributions to the Law,” 25 Connecticut Law Review 1067 (1993). Examine the similarities and differences between scientific methods and legal reasoning, and the various ways in which social science is used to contribute to the law.

2) Textbook: Read the Appendix pp. 553-562 on the Daubert case and the Federal Rules of Evidence. Review the evidentiary rules on expert scientific testimony.

3) Read pp. 57 – 60 in the excerpt from Monahan and Walker as an introduction to scientific methodology (TWEN course document).