Civil Procedure: Jurisdiction, M - Janutis


Course Title

Civil Procedure: Jurisdiction, M



First Assignment

Civil Procedure—Jurisdiction 


            The required text for this semester will be A. Benjamin Spencer, Civil Procedure: A Contemporary Approach (3d ed. West 2011).  You also will be assigned to read several federal statutes and Federal Rules of Civil Procedure.  I will expect that students read the assigned rules and statues in their entirety before coming to class and also that students have access to the text of these rules and statutes during class.  All of the rules and statues are accessible through Westlaw, Lexis and Bloomberg.  As long as you are able to access the rules and statutes through these sources both before and during class, that will suffice.  You may also elect to purchase a statutory supplement that contains the relevant rules and statutes for this semester as well as the rest of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure.  Please note that next semester you will be required to purchase a supplement containing the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure.  If you purchase a supplement for this semester, you will be able to use it again next semester.  However, you may also forgo purchasing a comprehensive supplement for this semester and purchase a cheaper supplement that contains only the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure for next semester.  Finally, additional materials will be posted on the TWEN page throughout the semester.  


            Our first class will meet at 6:00 pm on Monday, August 26, 2013 in Room 241.  For our first class please read the following:  


  • Janutis, “Introduction to Civil Procedure: Jurisdiction,”  
  • Keeton v. Hustler Magazine.   
  • Article III of the U.S. Constitution 
  • 28 U.S.C. § 1332 
  • Spencer, Chapter 1 
  • Spencer, pp. 187-190 
  • Also prepare the Problem Case: The Luckless Lawyer.   


My introduction and Keeton v. Hustler Magazine are posted on the TWEN course page for this course.  The Problem is included with my introduction. 


For class on Friday, August 30, 2013, please read Spencer pp. 190-208.  In connection with your reading, assume that you had been the lawyer representing Mrs. Mas, one of the parties in the assigned reading.  Prepare a list of documents you might ask Mrs. Mas to provide to you and a list of questions you might ask her to help you prove that she does not intend to remain in Louisiana after she completes her coursework.  Also prepare the diversity exercises which will be posted on the TWEN page for this course by the end of next week.    


            I will post a syllabus before our first class.