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Torts I, AB



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FALL 2013 - Professor Gilles 


WELCOME to Capital Law School and to the study of Torts. 

Together we will be looking at how injured individuals obtain compensation for wrongs. We will look at intentional torts (for instance, if your client is punched by an angry assailant in a bar fight) and the tort of negligence (for instance, if your client is injured by a careless driver). 


This class is also your "skills section."  This is a special opportunity offered to all first year students at Capital Law School to help you succeed at law school.  In class, we will study many of the key skills you will need to be a successful law student and lawyer.    

The required book for this course and the first assignment are set out below:  


Class 1: Monday, August 26th                                   

Topic: Introduction to Tort Law 

  • Read pp. 1-42 of GOLDBERG, SEBOK & ZIPURSKY, TORT LAW: RESPONSIBILITIES AND REDRESS (3rd Ed. 2012, Aspen) (Note this is a new edition – do not get the old 2nd edition) (ISBN 978-1-4548-0688-2). 
  • To help you with this assignment: 
    • 1. First, watch an introductory YouTube video at 
    • Now, read generally pp. 1-41.  Much of these assigned pages (pages 1-5 and 11-42) are for general background information.  We will not go over these pages closely in class.  You do not need to read the material in the Appendix.   
    • 3. Finally, brief the Walter case on pp. 5-11. This will be our focus in class. 
    • 4. Log on to TWEN site for this class:  TORTS I DAY DIVISION Section AB  Gilles