Legal Research & Writing, M1 - Hughes


Course Title

Legal Research & Writing, M1



First Assignment

A. Below are My Five Required Texts:  


1. R. Neumann & K. Tiscione, Legal Reasoning and Legal  Writing (7th ed. 2013) – ISBN 9781454826972. 


2. A. Sloan, Basic Legal Research (5th ed. 2012) - ISBN 9781454808473. 


3. R. Haydock et. al, Fundamentals of Pretrial Litigation (9th ed. 2013) - ISBN 9780314286574. 


4. The Bluebook: A Uniform System of Citation (19th ed. 2010) - ISBN 9780615361161. 


5. Black's Law Dictionary (4th pocket ed. 2011) - ISBN 978031427544. 


B. Here is my first assignment for Friday, August 30th. There are four parts to the first assignment. 


1.  Bookmark Professor Hughes’s webpage:  On that webpage you will find various documents relevant to our course, including the course syllabus. 


2.  Read carefully Chapters 1 through 3 in Neumann and Tiscione’s Legal Reasoning and Legal Writing. 


3.  Read carefully Chapter 1 in Sloan’s Basic Legal Research. 


4.  Write out Vocabulary List #1 from Professor Hughes’s webpage by hand to be handed in during class. (No printed or digital copies of the vocabulary will be accepted.) You may find the vocabulary list at the end of our syllabus or via the vocabulary link on the left-side navigation bar on Professor Hughes’s webpage. 

Link to vocabulary lists: