Seminar: White Collar Crime - Molina


Course Title

Seminar: White Collar Crime



First Assignment


Stuart P. Green, TheConcept of White-Collar Crime in Law and Legal Theory, 8 Buff. Crim. L. Rev. 1 (2004). 


First Assignment: 

Do some research on Sam E. Antar (former CFO of Crazy Eddie Inc.).The obvious place to start is the internet. However, you should also utilize various information and data sources to find detailed information. You should be prepared to discuss the following in our first class: 


  1. Brief biography including but not limited to his educational and family background; 
  2. Summary & description of Mr. Antar’s criminal conduct including but not limited to financial and victim impact; 
  3. The resolution of his case (e.g., trial or plea agreement; indictment; sentencing); and 
  4. How Mr. Antar’s criminal conduct fits within the definition of white collar crime?