Secured Transactions M - Ferriell


Course Title

Secured Transactions M



First Assignment

Rusch & Sepinuk - Problems & Materials on Secured Transactions (2d ed. 2010), pp. 1-56.   


  • Study the text and official comments to any UCC provision cited in these materials together with any UCC definition (see primarily 1-201 & 9-102), necessary to undestanding the cited sections.     
  • Prepare written responses to Problems 1-1 through 1-4 and 2-2. 
  • Sign up on the TWEN Page for this course and study any materials posted there in connection with this assignment. Pay particular attention to "Course Materials, " "Prof. Ferriell's Explanations," and view any "Audio Slides" that may be posted (not sure yet) under that heading for this class