Legal Research & Writing I, AB - Snapp


Course Title

Legal Research & Writing I, AB



First Assignment



Date                                                          Subject                                                             Assignment 


Topic I: Legal Reasoning & Legal Writing  


W 8-28 

Introduction; Sources of Law 

Read WS1-33, prepare exercise 2-4; Read S 2-9; Read W 1-11, prepare exercise 1 for class discussion. 

Assigned: Diagnostic letter ( refer to WS 333-350 and Appendix B) 





Robin Wellford-Slocum, Legal Reasoning, Writing, and Other Lawyering Skills (3d ed. 2011) 

Amy E. Sloan, Basic Legal Research: Tools and Strategies (4th ed. 2009) 

Amy E. Sloan and Steven D. Schwinn, Basic Legal Research Workbook (4th ed. 2011) 

The Bluebook, A Uniform System of Citation (19th ed. 2010) 

Linda J. Barris, Understanding and Mastering The Bluebook (2d ed. 2010) 

Richard C. Wydick, Plain English for Lawyers (5th ed.2005)