Contracts I, A - Cordray


Course Title

Contracts I, A



First Assignment


   Professor Cordray 


Please purchase the following books for the course: 

 Casebook:  Contracts: A Contemporary Approach, 2d ed., by Christina L. Kunz and Carol L. Chomsky (ISBN 978-0314283078).   

 Statutory Supplement:  Contract Law: Selected Source Materials, by Steven J. Burton and Melvin A. Eisenberg.  You may purchase any edition of the supplement (i.e., a supplement from 2009, 2010, 2011, or 2012 is fine, and used copies are readily available on-line for $5-$10).  (ISBN for 2011 is 978-0314274267; ISBN for 2012 is 978-0314280756.) 

 Course Supplement: Understanding Contracts, 2d ed., by Jeffrey T. Ferriell (ISBN 978-1422429624). 


The assignment for Monday, August 26 is pages 1-13 in the casebook and UCC Sections 2-102 and 2-105 in the Selected Source Materials supplement.