Torts I, AB - Molina


Course Title

Torts I, AB



First Assignment

Topic: Introduction to Tort Law 

  • Read pp. 1-42 of GOLDBERG, SEBOK & ZIPURSKY, TORT LAW: RESPONSIBILITIES AND REDRESS (3rd Ed. 2012, Aspen) (Note this is a new edition – do not get the old 2nd edition) (ISBN 978-1-4548-0688-2).  
  • On pages 5-11, you will find the reported case of Walter v. Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. You should read this case several times, with care, and “brief it,” (a skill you will learn during Law School Orientation).  
  • Please read the rest of these assigned pages (pages 1-5 and 11- 42) for general background information. We will not go over these pages closely in class. You do not need to read the material in the Appendix.