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Civil Procedure, Jurisdiction M



First Assignment




  • The first assignment will be posted on TWEN in August.  Please make sure to enroll in the TWEN class and check that site (Civil Procedure Jurisdiction 2013 Gilles), for the first assignment.  



  • A. BENJAMIN SPENCER, CIVIL PROCEDURE: A CONTEMPORARY APPROACH (3rd West 2011).    NOTE:  we will only use about 2-3 chapters of this book – so my strong advice is to buy a second hand copy.  (But, do not buy the old 2nd edition!). 
  • You must also have access to the key STATUTES and key RULES 
    • This course is will require study of various FEDERAL STATUTES and FEDERAL RULES OF CIVIL PROCEDURE (“FRCP”).  This course mainly focuses on the statutes, and next semester’s course (Civil Procedure Rules) uses the FRCP.   You have several options: 
    • Option 1:Get nothing this semester (and just get a cheap rules book next semester):  Many of the Rules and Statutes you need this semester are set out in the Spencer casebook and you can elect to simply supplement the casebook by accessing online the newer or omitted Statutes and Rules (there will be links in the assignments on TWEN.)     Then when you get to Civil Procedure Rules in Spring 2014 you can purchase a cheap FRCP book (I recommend you order NITA Federal Rules of Civil Procedure,  {"prodid" : "prod-US-NITA-FBA1143", "sku" : "sku3100256", Publisher NITA, available through LexisNexis, ISBN: 978-1-601561640.  I selected this version because it is small, cheap ($20) and easy to flip through.)   
    • Option 2: This semester, purchase a big combination RULES/STATUTE book - for instance -- Foundation Press, Federal Rules of Civil Procedure 2013 ISBN 978-1-60930-311-2.  This is more expensive ($46) and annoyingly heavy, but has almost all you need for both courses. 
    • It’s your choice – but just make certain that you are able to access the appropriate statute or rule in class.