Legal Research & Writing, B1 - Lazaroff


Course Title

Legal Research & Writing, B1



First Assignment

Legal Research and Writing – Section B1 

Professor Lazaroff 


Required Books: 

1.    Richard K. Neumann, Legal Reasoning and Legal Writing (7th ed. 2013) ISBN-13:978-1-4548-2697-2 

2.    Amy E. Sloan, Basic Legal Research (5th ed. 2012) ISBN:978-1-4548-0847-3 

3.    The Bluebook: A Uniform System of Citation (19th edition)  ISBN: 978-806-15261161 

4.    Bryan A. Garner, Legal Writing in Plain English (2d ed. July 2013) 


First Assignment: 

            Read Chapters 1 and 21 in the Neumann text and review Appendix C.  Read chapter 1 in the Sloan text.