Intellectual Property - S. Grant


Course Title

Intellectual Property


S. Grant

First Assignment


Capital University Law School 

Stephen L. Grant 

Fall 2013 



Based on The Law of Intellectual Property, 3rd Nard, Madison, McKenna and Barnes (Aspen Publishers 2011)  

(ISBN 978-0-7355-0740-1) 


Week 1           26 August 2012 


Chapter 1 

Introduction (pp 1-18) – only skim this chapter 


Chapter 2 

Acquiring Patent Rights (pp 19-83) 


I recognize that the textbook is long, but many of the pages are “Comments” at the end of the primary cases.  Concentrate your preparation time on the primary cases and the expository matter that precedes the primary cases.  Also, you may skip over any of the different “Perspectives” that appear in gray background in the text.  I will address any questions you have on these, but they are not required reading.  Supplementary materials are available from the publishers at, and there are also updates at that site which we will use during the course.