Seminar: Criminal Responsibility - Anderson


Course Title

Seminar: Criminal Responsibility



First Assignment

Required Books

1.Antony Duff and David Garland, eds., A Reader on Punishment, Oxford University Press (1997): ISBN 0-19-876353-0.  


2.Jeffrie G. Murphy, Punishment and Rehabilitation, 3rd edition, International Thomson Publishing (1995): ISBN 0-534-24600-1.  


First Assignment  

Get the two required books.The bookstore should have the Duff and Garland text.It is in print, but the Murphy text is out of print.I have the Murphy text.You can purchase a used copy of it from me (in Room 536) for $5. 


No matter how you get the two texts, you must read the Introduction in each before our first class meeting.The Introduction in Duff and Garland runs from pages 1 through 34 (excluding the extensive bibliography that follows).The Introduction in Murphy runs from pages 1 through 5.This is dense, non-casebook, academic reading.Allow sufficient time to digest it.Be prepared to participate in a class discussion of the philosophical and sociological theories underpinning our proposed theories of punishment.