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Divorce Mediation (Intensive)



First Assignment

The text is “Divorce in Ohio:…” 7th Edition by John Gilchrist.  When I look for the book on the internet, there are two ISBN numbers.  They are: 






Also, there are additional "notebook" materials which will be sold through the bookstore.  These materials change from term-to-term.  They are the materials that we will be using during class time.  I will be giving the materials to the bookstore and let them copy and sell them to the students. 

As for the first assignment, please post the following information: 

Students should read the entire textbook ("Divorce In Ohio") prior to the first day of class and the materials in the first section of the notebook materials.  Since this is a greatly accelerated course given over five (5) class days, students should be prepared for a quiz on the first day of class (which will be based on the materials in the textbook). 

Additional 'notebook' materials will be used during class time.  These materials can be purchased through the Bookstore when they become available, which will be sometime prior to the first day of class.  Students must bring those materials with them to each class. 

Students should also note:  in order to meet the requirements for law school credits and the requirements of Rule 16 of the Supreme Court of Ohio, lunch times may vary.  The People's Court Cafe at the Law School will may not be opened during class days.  Students should consider this when planning for lunch. 

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