Seminar: Crimmigration: Criminal Law & Immigration Law - Garcia Hernandez


Course Title

Seminar: Crimmigration: Criminal Law & Immigration Law


Garcia Hernandez

First Assignment

CrImmigration Seminar

(readings available in bin across from fifth floor elevators)


    • *Yolanda Vazquez, Advising Noncitizen Defendants on the Immigration Consequences of Criminal Convictions, 20 Berkeley La Raza Law Journal 31, 31-48 (2010) 
    • *Marc R. Rosenblum & William A. Kandel, Congressional Research Service, Interior Immigration Enforcement: Programs Targeting Criminal Aliens (Oct. 21, 2011) 
  • Why is immigration law considered separately from criminal law and why does it matter? 
    • *Racial profiling: Kevin R. Johnson, The “Huddled Masses” Myth (2004): The War on “Illegal Aliens,” aka Mexican Immigrants (pp. 27-39) 
    • Exclusionary rule in removal proceedings 
      • *Puc-Ruiz v. Holder, 629 F.3d 771, 775-80 (8th Cir. 2010) (read Fourth Amendment claim only) 
    • Right to counsel 
      • *INA § 292 

*Donald Kerwin, Migration Policy Institute, Revisiting the Need for Appointed Counsel 1-9 (April 2005)