Consumer Bankruptcy Practicum - Ferriell


Course Title

Consumer Bankruptcy Practicum



First Assignment

For Consumer Bankruptcy:   


  • Warren & Westbrook,  Law of Debtors and Creditors 6th edition ISBN13: 9780735576261   
  •  Bankruptcy Code, Rules and Official Forms, 2012-2013 ed. New Edition, ISBN-13: 9780314615572  




  • Jeff Ferriell & Edward J. Janger, Understanding Bankruptcy (3d ed. 2013) (this book is not yet available, but should be very, very soon) - avoid purchasing the 2d edition, published in 2007. 


The first assignment is: 


Chapter 1 - pp. 1-31; 

Problem Set 1 


If the book becomes available before the start of classes, students may find it useful to read Chapter 2 of Understanding Bankruptcy 3d ed.