Law of Amateur Sports - Katz


Course Title

Law of Amateur Sports



First Assignment

Capital University Law School 

Law of Amateur Sports Ÿ Prof. Deborah A. Katz Ÿ Spring 2013 



First Assignment (Thursday, January 10th) 


Please read: 


  1. 2012-13 NCAA Division I Manual, NCAA Bylaws 1 (Name, Purposes and Fundamental Policy) and 2 (Principles for Conduct of Intercollegiate Athletics) at (click on Resources, Division I Manual, and then Download PDF). 


  1. Required text, Sports Law Cases and Materials, Seventh Edition by Yasser, McCurdy, Goplerud, and Weston, pgs. 1-5.  (A reduced-price, custom looseleaf version of the text book will be available in the Capital University Law School Bookstore by January 2nd.) 


  1. “The Shame of College Sports,” Atlantic Magazine, October 2011 at 


Please contact me at if you have any questions.  I look forward to meeting you in class.