Corporate Counsel - E. Smith


Course Title

Corporate Counsel


E. Smith

First Assignment


  1. Please read entire article:  Becoming In-house Counsel:  A Guide for Law Students and Recent Graduates, ACC InfoPAKSM (June 2005).  Answer the following questions and be prepared to discuss your answers: 
    • What do you view as some of the key advantages of working in-house?  
    • What are some of the challenges you might face as a newly hired in-house lawyer? 
    • What are some of the most important things to do shortly after being hired? Day 1?  30 days? 1 year?  
    • What are some of the key differences between working for a private firm vs. a company? 
    • Based upon your working style, in which type of environment might you prefer to work:  Solo GC, small legal department (2-10) or large legal department (10 + )? Why? 
  2. Please read entireGC Rules: Over 350 Things I Wish I’d Known My First Year as General Counsel, ACC Docket (2005) 
    • Based upon the areas of law and issued outlined in the “350” article, highlight your areas of interest  and be prepared engage in an open discussion and articulate the reasons for your areas of interest.