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Copyright Law



First Assignment

COPYRIGHT LAW   (Professor Mayer) 



Ralph S. Brown and Robert C. Denicola, COPYRIGHT, Unfair Competition, and Related Topics Bearing on the Protection of Works of Authorship, 10th edition (Foundation Press, 2009)  

ISBN: 978-1-59941-616-8 


Brown & Denicola, 2012  Statutory and Case Supplement to COPYRIGHT, etc.  (Foundation Press, 2012 

ISBN: 978-1-60930-127-9 


Assignment for first class (Thurs. Jan. 10): 

Read pp. 1-48 of the text (Brown & Denicola, Cases on Copyright, 10th ed.) and pp. 431-34 of the Statutory and Case Supplement.  Skim pp. 1-244 (Appendix A) of the Supplement, to become familiar with the general organization of the Copyright Act of 1976, as amended.  Also skim (lightly) Supplement pp. 255-89 (Appendices C, D, & E: the Copyright Act of 1909, the Act of 1790, and the Statute of Anne), which we'll briefly discuss as part of the historical background to the modern federal copyright statute.