Legal History - Mayer


Course Title

Legal History



First Assignment

LEGAL HISTORY   (Professor Mayer) 



Arthur Hogue, Origins of the Common Law (1985 reprint ed.)  (Liberty Fund paperback) 

ISBN: 0-86597-054-8 


David N. Mayer, ed., Sources in English Legal and Constitutional History, rev. ed. (1992)  (photocopied materials) (must be purchased in Law School bookstore) 


Assignment for first two classes (Tues. Jan. 8  and Thurs. Jan. 10): 


Read pages 3-19 of the photocopied materials, Sources in English Legal & Constitutional History (to be purchased in the Bookstore), and Chapters 1 and 2 in Goldwin Smith, A Constitutional & Legal History of England (photocopies in the bins on the 5th floor).